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> > col is rejected in the structure view immediately after table,
> > although this (give or take a caption) is the only legitimate place
> > for it:
> >
> >
> > 1.4a Win32
> Col and Colgroup are not implemented yet in Amaya 1.4a.
> Please be patient.

This is NO good behavoure of AMAYA!
Amaya is (a.o.) provided for testing HTML4 pages.
If an element, object, style, attributes or whatever is part of this HTML 4,
Amaya should at least accept it!
Once it is accepted by amaya, it can or cannot act on it according to the
current implementation.

On the other hand, I think Amaya should also be able to put the element
(object...) in the HTML page. Once again: acting accordingly is not

Compare this to displaying italics or bold with fonts which do not have such
capabilities or displaying colors on a B&W display or even the text only
(alternate view) of a page.

This <col> in this location should not state 'rejected' but it shoud state
'accepted but not implemented'.



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