Re: Entity bug report

I Wrote:
> > Recently, I wanted to create an "infinity symbol". I discovered that the SGML
> > markup entity for the symbol is ∞ (I think I found this on the Unicode
> > Web site ( I couldn't work out how to enter unusual
> > entities in Amaya, so I resorted to inserting it with Emacs to see if it would
> > render correctly. It renders correctly in Amaya and MSIE 4.0, but not Netscape
> > 4.5 or HotJava 1.1.5.

Irene replied:
> You can insert the set of entities with the greek palette provided by the
> Math button. The only problem is that in 1.4a version Amaya generates a span
> around the  entity. We're fixing this bug in the next release, but today you
> have to remove this  span by hand.

Thanks, I hadn't found this. It helps, but I still think there is a bug. I am
using Amaya 1.4a on Solaris 2.6.

I continued:
> > However, now I get to my bug report:
> > 
> > After editing the file containing ∞ in Amaya 1.4a on Solaris, the file
> > is saved with the Yen symbol ( - ISO8859-1 code 0xA5, Unicode 0x00A5) instead
> > of my hand-edited entity reference which should be unicode 0x221E, Symbol font
> > code 0xA5.
> > 
> > The same thing has happened with other SGML entities I have tried which are
> > not in ISO8859-1 (eg ℵ turn into ).
> I tested that on the 1.4a version and it worked well: ∞ remains
> ∞  after
> a save.

I am not getting this effect on Solaris. I have now tried the following:
  New Document
  click on math button (Maths pallette opens)
  click on Greek button from Math pallette (Greek alphabet window opens)
  Click the following buttons: infinity, clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades
  cancel Greek alphabet window
  Done on math Pallette
  click save button

The complete file resulting is attached. The relevent part is
<body lang="Symbol">
Clicking reload, typing some ordinary text, saving and reloading that ended up
with the whole file displayed in Greek.

Other experiments created a <span lang="Symbol"></span>

This is not creating the entity references, it is changing the display
character set, and may demonstrate why the save is misbehaving for the
entities that are being interpreted on reading.
The file I expected would look like (this is handcrafted)
<title>test 1</title>

After loading into Amaya, adding a space, and clicking save, I get
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"
<title>test 1</title>


Amaya seems to be recognising the entities correctly, and translating them to
the right character codes in the Symbol font, but the writing out is not doing
the translation back to entities, but simply keeping that character code.


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