Re: Amaya and FreeBSD writes:

> Hello Don,
> In our previous episode, Don Croyle said:
> > Amaya itself needs a couple of small tweaks to build in FreeBSD.  I've made
> > a port for it, but it hasn't been committed yet.  You can get it from: 
> >
> If you mail us the tweaks, we can integrate them into the Amaya source code :)

Ok, there are two issues.  

First is that our default compiler is gcc, and, as has previously been
reported, it doesn't like being called as cc -E without a *.c file on
the command line.  Sam posted a patch to fix this for real, I've just
been saying:
  sed -e 's/CPP.*/CPP = cpp/' <Options.orig >Options
after running the configure script.  This really needs to be fixed,
especially since it isn't all that obvious that you *were* trying to
run the preprocessor when the build dies.

Second is a small patch to the libwww sources.  If you hear from users
of any other O_SYNC deprived OSen, it might be more efficient to just
say #ifndef O_SYNC.

--- libwww/Library/src/HTMemLog.c.orig	Wed Dec 16 11:55:44 1998
+++ libwww/Library/src/HTMemLog.c	Tue Jan  5 20:13:09 1999
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
 #include "HTMemLog.h"
 #include "HTTimer.h"
+#if defined(WWW_MSWINDOWS) || defined (__FreeBSD__)
 #else /* WWW_MSWINDOWS */

I've always wanted to be a dilettante, but I've never quite been ready
to make the commitment.

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