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> > Verry nice, the switch between edit and browse mode. One question on it: Can
> > it be automatic?
> >
> > I think of the nedt options:
> > If the file (on read) is readonly, switch to browse mode
> > If the file (on read) is writable, switch to edit mode
> >
> >
> > Files fetched with from internet should be regarded as 'readonly' by
> > default, except for given domains: in the thotrc file: "writable domains".
> > With respect to this, the domain ftp://user:passwd@host.domain/ is an other
> > domain as ftp://host.domain/.
> >
> > Once the file is saved (with save as) it is a new (writable) file and a
> > switch to edit mode is expected accordingly.
> I'm not sure it's a good idea to automate it. It should be experimented.
> Are your ready to do that?

It's no problem to have it as it is, i just compared amaya with vi or nedit,
both ascii editors on unix. They switch to view mode on read-only files and
switch back to R/W mode after a 'save-as'. I just find this comfortable and
easy to use and therefore placed the request.

If Amaya has a statement on it, I'm only one user vote to change this.



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