[Announcement] Amaya 1.4a public release

  The Amaya team is proud to announce the availability of the 1.4a release
  of the Amaya editor/browser for both Unix and Windows platforms.
  This release includes some bug fixes from the previous one (1.4).

  Binaries are available at:

  Source is available at:

  A FAQ is available at http://www.w3.org/Amaya/User/FAQ.html

To know more about Amaya releases see  http://www.w3.org/Amaya/User/New.html

Extensions 1.4a:
* Erich Koerting updated the German dialogue files. Thanks!
* On Unix platforms only, the variable DOUBLECLICKDELAY of the registry
  $HOME/.thotrc allows one to control the delay (in millisecond) under which
  two mouse clicks are classed as a double-click. The default value is
  500 ms.
* Increased the default network timeout from 20000 ms to 60000 ms.
* Changed the USE_CACHE registry variable to ENABLE_CACHE, to be conform
  to the other registry variables.

 Fixed bugs 1.4a:
* There was a memory leak when following an internal link pointing
  to an inexistent anchor.
* Links which point to non-existent documents or invalid URLs
  are now left in the "active" state, instead of being set to the
  "visited" state.
* Browsing an image from an edited document (and thus requiring the
  opening of a new document window), didn't show the image.
* Patches in Amaya Makefiles (suggestions from Sam and Adam)
* Patch for compiling libwww under FreeBSD (contributed by Don Croyle)
* When one created a table while the current selection pointed to an empty
  paragraph, Amaya tried to replace the empty paragraph by the table, but
  there was a bug which corrupted the Amaya internal structure.
* When requesting a document from a slow site, pressing the Stop button
  before the network connection was established could crash Amaya
* When downloading a document with images from the net, following any
  internal link in the document caused the interruption of the whole download.
* There was no protection against a redirection to a URL with
  protocols not handled by Amaya
* In case of a redirection error, Amaya would not automatically
  terminate the request

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