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On Mon, 29 Mar 1999 wrote:

> > > I suspect there is some timing problem in Amaya with respect to X.
> > > Not only is there the above with double-click, but I also find that
> > > the screen tends to "flash" when changing pages; and pixels tend to
> > > go blank when you scroll with the arrow keys (the PgUp/Dn keys seem
> > > to be all right, though), so that text lines may lose the bottom halves
> > > of characters or go blank altogether. Text lines can get superimposed too.
> It's not a Amaya problem, but a X problem. You can check in the code, the
> Amaya
> role is limited to react at each X event. If your window manager keeps events
> or your X server omits to send them, Amaya cannot work fine.
> That was confirmed by people who mentioned double-click problems and explained
> that Amaya worked fine as soon as they changed their window manager.

Several of us report that Amaya isn't working properly under Sun's window
manager.  Is this a problem in all installations?  or is there someone out
there who is happily double-clicking and following links while running
Amaya with olwm?  Do other apps running under olwm fail to recognize
double clicks?

I thought that Sun was a major factor, so I'm a little surprised the Amaya
developers aren't more concerned about Amaya's reported problem working
with olwm.

Incidentally, the Amaya revisions I used prior to my Nov, 1997 report
(pre-1.3, revisions, I think) did a fine job following links.

Roger Miller

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