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>> On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 15:22:55 +0000 (GMT) AFL <>
>> wrote:
>> I've just dowloaded and installed 1.4a on a Sun Sparc Unix platform.
>> But
>> I can't get it to follow hypertext links.  Apparently I need to
>> double-click them, but this fails to work.
> I just experienced a similar problem with the LINUX-ELF version. It's
> not as straightforward as it might seem, though.
> Using the fvwm2 or fvwm window managaer (the two I've tried so far)
> it does seem to follow links OK.
> I suspect there is some timing problem in Amaya with respect to X.
> Not only is there the above with double-click, but I also find that
> the screen tends to "flash" when changing pages; and pixels tend to
> go blank when you scroll with the arrow keys (the PgUp/Dn keys seem
> to be all right, though), so that text lines may lose the bottom halves
> of characters or go blank altogether. Text lines can get superimposed too.

After seeing your reply and a few others (many thanks for the help) it
seems that this is a real problem and one which has been on-going for some
time.  I thought I'd try and compile joy.  The make process is
badly broken on my machine.  Among the errors I get is:

configure: warning: Thot editor sources not found

and complaints about thot.ini not found in /usr/tmp/config when in fact
the file is in /usr/tmp/Thot/config.  Even making a symlink (so
/usr/tmp/config/thot.ini points to where is actally is) still produced
loads of warnings like "WARNING: cannot open file en-libdialogue" and

(if test "../amaya" != "" -a "../amaya" != "." ; then \
    /usr/bin/cp ../amaya/MathML.A .  ; \
    /usr/bin/cp ../amaya/MathML.STR .  ; \
cp: ../amaya/MathML.A and ./MathML.A are identical
cp: cannot access ../amaya/MathML.STR
make[1]: *** [MathML.h] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/tmp/Thot/amaya'

It occurred to me to suggest to the developers (via this list) to adopt a
<right-click> to follow a link and a <left-click> to edit, that is if the
developers are unable to track this problem down.  Being unable to compile
amaya (and only knowing how to write X11 software using Tcl/Tk) I have not
attempted this myself. 


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