Re: Grammar enforcement while parsing in Amaya

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> Hello.
> Thank u for providing valuable insights to design decisions.
> I have been trying to modify the HTML.S file to get a cut down version
> of tags and attributes to be recognised by Amaya.
> The new HTML.S is now compiled to HTML.STR and HTML.H using the
> compiler.exe. I have also cut down the respective tags and attributes from
> also. I then use the new HTML.STR and HTML.h when building the Amaya.
> There seems to be some problems.

You need to maintain a certain coherence between the HTML.S, HMTMP.P, HTMLT.T
HTML.A and the Amaya.
There is a document ( which 
the architecture of Amaya and can help if you want to make some change in 
The bug you reported is due to a call with typenum parameter=0.
I suspect that your html2thot.c file is inconsistent with your new version of 


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