Two bugs in Amaya 1.4a (Solaris)


Amaya is my preferred HTML Editor, and I sometimes use it for browsing, too.

1) In a table with the bottom right cell empty and the cursor in that row,
choosing Types/Table/Row from the menu crashes the program instead of just
inserting the row. The recover file has two new rows in it when I restart

2) Styles defined in a <style type="text/css"> element at the top of the file
don't seem to print, even though they are displayed on the screen. My styles
were defined with a color and bold, italic, or underlined. I printed on a
greyscale printer, so I'm happy to not see the colour ( :-) but I expected the
other attribute to appear on the paper version. Netscape 4.5 seems to do this,
but not Amaya :-(

Keep up the good work.

Scott Davis

Received on Thursday, 28 January 1999 18:06:10 UTC