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> You have to do make uninstall to remove the previous installation.

Can you document it with the next release? You are right telling me I sould
not overwrite the previous release but I think if it is not good overwriting
the previous release, it is easy checking the emptyness of the installation
directory and act accordingly.

> >
> > Ok, I copied the doc directory to the installation and I started amaya. With
> > Amaya 1.3 I have not put a homepage in my .thotrc file, homepage is empty.
> > This expects amaya to start with an empty page but it starts with:
> > /appl/tools/amaya/share/thot/amaya/AmayaPage.html. I recal I've updated
> > amaya 1.3 to take this page for a default homepage but I never put it in the
> > settings for 1.4. I found the name AmayaPage.html in the file amaya/init.c
> > but the file is not in the doc directory. Where is AmayaPage.html? How can
> > I configure a default homepage (being empty)? Please update the defaults
> > for Amaya to something that works after install: default the homepage
> > to this AmayaPage.html on the local file system.
> The amaya home page is located in the directory Thot/amaya
> If you want to set your default home page you have to edit the variable
> HOME_PAGE=xxx in your file $HOME/.thotrc but xx should exist.
> Personally I open by default my HotList.html file.

This homepage remains in the source tree which is not accessable for other
users. The installation directory is available to them. Please provide a
route to install this documentation with the executable.

How do I create/modify the default $HOME/.thotrc? I'd like to modify this
default to set the homepage and proxy variables.

As written, the HOME_PAGE= is set to nothing, I'd expect an emty page. On
the other hand, now it's empty, it fetches
/appl/tools/amaya/share/thot/amaya/AmayaPage.html, where /appl/tools/amaya
comes from `../configure --prefix=/appl/tools/amaya`. The file is not available
after installation.

> > By the way: The help->browsing (and other help->...) button directs to
> > something on the web (the proxy username & password box comes up) but
> > crashes amaya once it arives. In the distribution, there is a file
> > doc/amaya/Browsing.html. Please default amaya to obtain the help info
> > from the local file system, not from the web. This speeds-up the help
> > on our side and does not slow down your server.
> Amaya look for the help page on the Web because the install procedure
> doesn't copy the documentation. That should be fixed in next release.
> Nevertheless Amaya shouldn't crash.
For most of the (our) users, the internet is not available. How can I change this?

What I'd like to see is:
- Option to `configure` for the documentation root
	if not given, default to current usage
	if filespec: put it there
	if URL: expect it being there.
- Option to `configure` for the homepage (for fallback / for .thotrc default)
	if not given, default to current usage
	if filespec: put it there if not already there.
	if URL: expect it being there.
- default .thotrc file for system wide defaults. (if already available, document it)

For most of my whishes, i've found routes to fulfill them, except for the
help being not available to users without internet access.

Thanks for Amaya,


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