Re: Automatic switch between browse and edit

I would have to vote against such a mode sensitive behaviour (if we really 
have a vote) as changing from one to two clicks for link traversal. Consistant 
UI operation is very important from a usability point of view.

Automatic switching from r/w to view would be nice but hard for a user to 
manage in the long run I would think. I would perfer that the Amaya team 
concentrate on completing implementation of the core functions such as css1/2 
style sheets (my favorite) and all of html4.0.

I think Amaya is great so far and have starting using it extensively except 
for editing things that take too much time and trouble with a GUI.

Just my 2 cents. Hmmmm, what would that be in Euros? :)

Dave Thiede

>I have recently been thinking that I would like Amaya to change certain
>factors of its behaviour when in read-only (browsing) mode.  For example,
>following links and pressing buttons could be single-click actions instead
>of double-clicks.  The toolbar could also change.  For example, the save
>button could be replaced by a "home" button.  These features would make
>Amaya more comfortable to use when browsing.  All of the functionality
>could of course be activated or deactivated depending upon the user's

>> If Amaya has a statement on it, I'm only one user vote to change this.
>Vote 2 :-)
>Ewan Mellor.

Received on Wednesday, 20 January 1999 12:39:03 UTC