Re: DTD driven browsers and real world HTML

> Web pages. In fact the future should be a XML version of HTML (Voyager) which 
> will reject invalid documents.

I think it will be very difficult to get rid of support for current 
generation bad HTML (and deprecated features, like <font color) in 
commercial browsers, because users will see this as a failure of the 
browser to render the HTML, rather than the fact that the HTML was 
broken (or obsolete) in the first place.

Commercial browser writers can't afford to take the high position 
because failure to render a page will be seen as their fault, and, 
even if it doesn't cause people to dissuade others from using that 
browser, it will still cause an increase in their support costs.  (I 
think a lot of the reason that current browsers accept broken HTML 
are to do with avoiding support calls - something similar is IE's 
tendency to ignore media type information and assume that something 
beginning <html> is text/html, even if correctly described as 

Received on Thursday, 21 January 1999 09:13:48 UTC