Re: Reunify browse and edit modes?

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Adam J. Richter wrote:

> 	I think that editing and browsing are close enough so that
> having two seperate modes adds more to the complexity of use than the
> rearrangement of commands might save.  Seperate browsing and editing

	OK, but make sure it is possible to invoke in a read-only mode.
> 	Also, there is the is a semi-political issue here.  As I

	As for competing with commercial browsers -- Amaya could
	aim elsewhere so it would not directly compete, it would be 
	filling a different niche.  What I mean is that the W3C have a Web
	Accessibility Initiative
	so amaya COULD be an example of how browsers can be accessible
	as well as how they should handle HTML4.0.  Hmm, now that would
	be a political decision! :-)
> 	I don't claim to have a "vote" on a somebody else's project,

	Exactly -- these remarks are meant as constructive suggestions :-)
> 	o Use shift-click to select a object for editing.  If I move

	that is a nice idea

> 	o Instead of having a button that switches between "Home" and
> 	  "Save" deending on mode, get rid of the "Browse/Edit" button
> 	  so you can have both "Home" and "Save" buttons if you want them.

	I would change it to READ-ONLY mode, or only allow saving to a new


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