Re: Amaya 1.4a and Thot 2.1e

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> This isn't directly related to the previous post but it reminded me of a 
> problem related to Thot.
> I don't remember where I first found a link to the Thot site but it doesn't 
> seem to be from the Amaya pages. I see Thot mentioned in several places, but 
> none of them are links. At a minimum, there should be a link to the Thot site 
> from the Source pages and/or a local  copy that the Amaya team has used to 
> build the current version of Amaya.

The Amaya distribution is complete as it is, so the Thot toolkit is distributed
with Amaya.

The pointer to Thot was removed just because people were confusing. 
However we are happy to let know that Amaya is the result of our previous 
activity at INRIA.
I will add in page a link to Thot 


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