Entity bug report


I use Amaya for most of my HTML editing.

Recently, I wanted to create an "infinity symbol". I discovered that the SGML
markup entity for the symbol is ∞ (I think I found this on the Unicode
Web site (http://www.unicode.org/)). I couldn't work out how to enter unusual
entities in Amaya, so I resorted to inserting it with Emacs to see if it would
render correctly. It renders correctly in Amaya and MSIE 4.0, but not Netscape
4.5 or HotJava 1.1.5.

However, now I get to my bug report:

After editing the file containing ∞ in Amaya 1.4a on Solaris, the file
is saved with the Yen symbol ( - ISO8859-1 code 0xA5, Unicode 0x00A5) instead
of my hand-edited entity reference which should be unicode 0x221E, Symbol font
code 0xA5.

The same thing has happened with other SGML entities I have tried which are
not in ISO8859-1 (eg ℵ turn into ).

  Scott Davis

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Received on Monday, 22 March 1999 18:41:21 UTC