Re: make book from help// and docs

> Help documents are by default displayed in browser mode (ReadOnly), and you
> must change the mode if you want to make a book.
> If you select the entry "Show Button Bar" you will have access to the button
> "Editor/Browser" and could change the mode and make the book.
> Perhaps we should open Help documents with the button bar displayed.
> What do you think?

I personally would prefer this.

BTW: It seems to be a little ;-) bug that (in help-files)
this button is NOT dimmed when
the button bar is set to display=yes:
1) Switching to "display button bar": Edit-Button is active (!), Page is locked
(as expected)
2) First click: Edit-Button stays active, Page is editable
3) Second click: Edit-Button gets dimmed, File is read-only

However, do you think this behaviour (help files are shown with or without
buttonbar etc.) should be configurable? Maybe with default = "help files are
with button bars"?

I personally like systems where 500 (or more ;-) properties can (!) be
configured but (!)
the default behaviour is as the "average user" would expect it ;-)

Maybe some people will think this to be overkill ...

At this point I come to another question: In order not to flood this list
with wishes which do not conform to the "philosophy of Amaya", I'd be
happy to read such a concept before asking for new features.
Or have I missed it?

> > Maybe this could be mentioned in the docs ;-)
> There are many interesting features in Amaya that need to be documented.
> We will very happy is someone could help us to complete the in line
> documentation.
> Thanks to Charles McCathieNevile who is documenting WAI aspects of Amaya.

So I'd first suggest a section in the docs like ...#####
TITLE: Feedback
If you have suggestions concerning the documentation of Amaya, please send
the suggested text-snippets (or wishes/suggestions) to Charles McCathieNevile

Is this the way you like it? ;-)


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