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> > Hi,
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> > When using "Make Book", it is very easy to edit the output (eg to remove extra
> > headers and footers), and click the save button before realising that this is
> > an aggregate document which should not be saved, as that overwrites the
> > original Table of Contents page.
> >
> > Would it be possible for the "Make Book" function to rename the "current"
> > document, so that if the user clicks save, the book document gets saved to
> > docBook.html instead of overwriting the doc.html that it was dericed from?
> That's a good suggestion. We could automatically set the document in Read-only
> mode at the end of the "Make Book". So the user shouldn't save the document by
> error with the same name. He/she has to explicitly change the mode to continue
> to work on this generated document.
>   Irene.

I prefer the original proposal of renaming the file resulting from"Make book".
Saving the resulting file with a different name is usefull, for example for reading
or printing with another browser. For the moment, I use IE5 to print because it is
the only browser I could find that manages CSS page-break.

Editing the resulting file if is indeed not a good idea, so switching to Read-only
could also be done, providing that it is possible to save the renamed file.
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