Grammar enforcement while parsing in Amaya

Win95,pentium,1.2GB,32 MB RAM

I was viewing a FRAMESET based HTML page in Amaya1.4.
Inside the FRAMESET tag an H1 tag had crept in.

The file was not written using Amaya and I am just using it to view it.
Unfortunately, the H1 tag is recognised inside FRAMESET.

I checked the grammar specified in HTML.S file. H1 is not defined
inside FRAMSET.

I dont know about IE, but Netscape4.04 does not allow this.

The parser should enforce the grammar to some extent and should not
allow such blatant abberrations and reject the tag.

Another classical case is allowing INPUT tag without an enclosing FORM tag.
I checked for TABLE related tags,  some degree of checking has been hard
to ContextOK() of html2thot.c file

I dont think this is the right way of grammar enforcement, since the whole
purpose(as i see it)
of having a '.S' and '.STR' file is to make the code independent of the
grammar to a large exent.

What is the reason for a very liberal grammar enforcement?

BTW I am an ardent fan of Amaya. I really enjoyed using Compiler application
given in amaya1.4
Good error messages are given when compiling "HTML.S". It helped a  lot!!
Eagerly waiting for the goodies in Amaya1.5

Received on Friday, 12 February 1999 05:23:50 UTC