Background colours don't take from style= or stylesheet

1.4a Win32

Background colours set with an external stylesheet or with
attributes | style don't take (although I think the external style 
sheet has the effect of forcing the default colours when the 
selectors match).  Using styles | colors seems to produce the same 
format of style attribute in the structure view, but seems to really 

This works on IE4, but not NS4.

The stylesheet fragment in question was:

TBODY.selectors, TBODY.selectors TABLE { background-color: #ccddcc; }

On forcing the attribute on the TBODY, the nested table reverted, 
although I'm not sure if the reversion was from the above or from the 
rule for TABLE.

This is not a case sensitivity problem on the colour code.

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Received on Wednesday, 20 January 1999 13:57:08 UTC