Re: foreign language...

Corne Beerse wrote:

> > i saw amaya support several foreign langauge.
> > i am korean.
> > i want amaya support for korean language.
> I see your english is limited.

	So what ?

> What language support do you need?
> - Do you need Amaya to be able to create korean language pages?
>         I think that is already possible. There are English and French spelling
> checkers since there is a spelling checker and there are english and french
> word-lists. Provide it with a korean word-list to spellcheck korean.
> - Do you need Amaya to have korean options, menus, messages and korean help?
>         I think that needs translation of all the messages in the source and
> rebuilding. Since Amaya updates more than once a year, I don't think it is
> worth doing.

	Hmmm. I see your Hangul knowledge is limited...
	I guess that part of the original question is more related with
hangul typeing and unicode compliance. Having the GUI in korean does not
help a lot if you're still obliged to compose in a latin alphabet !


Received on Friday, 22 January 1999 10:17:31 UTC