Re: amaya formatting ?

This is my personal statement. Let me clarify again that I am not part of
the Amaya team - my work at W3C is on accessibility. I just use Amaya
because I like it, and try to help people use it where I think I have
something to contribute.

The potential accessibility problems are caused by doing certain specific
things with tables - for more details refer to the URI I gave (below). In
practise, using a table to neatly display a row of images or short text
links does not usually cause problems, although the new W3C styles have
stopped using tables in this way.

In an ideal world I would recommend that Amaya not use this either. But it
is not of crucial importance, and is a use pattern which should disappear
as the implementation of style sheets is improved. So I am happy that the
Amaya team puts its energy into doing more important things.

Charles McCathieNevile

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Corne Beerse wrote:

  Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
  > There isn't a really good way to do this in HTML.
  > The trick that people use is to make a table, and use centred alignment in
  > each of the cells. The cells then auto-size in many browsers, which
  > provides even spacing. But using tables for layout in this way is not
  > realy what they were meant for, and can raise accessibility problems. (For
  > a fuller discussion see
  Then, Why is it used in the Amaya startup page? Or is this your personal
  > My short version is
  > "don't use tables for layout". Which is actually listed as a checkpoint in
  > the guidelines.) An alternative would be to use display:float in a
  > stylesheet, but I haven't tried to do that in amaya yet, so I don't know
  > how you do it or whether it is implemented.
  > Charles McCathieNevile
  > On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, tony mollica wrote:
  >   Hi. This may not be the forum for this but
  >   I'd like to try anyway.  I'm trying to use
  >   amaya 1.4a and what I'd like to do is set
  >   up a row of buttons (.gif's) spaced evenly
  >   across the page but after I insert the
  >   button images and the spaces to separate them,
  >   re-loading the page eliminates the spaces
  >   between the images.
  It is done (with text buttons, but that's no problem) in the Amaya startup
  page! See the blue line at the bottom.
  file:${AMAYAHOME}/thot/amaya/AmayaPage.html, I could not find the page on
  >   I thought I saw something on this some time
  >   back, but I'm unable to find it now.  Any
  >   suggestions to get this to work would be
  >   appreciated, especially if there is a  better
  >   way to do this.
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