Re: No JPEGS in 1.4a for windows

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> Hi,
> I downloaded the windows executables for 1.4a and tried them out.
> The browser does not appear to display jpg files in the web page (GIFs are
> okay).

We forgot to patch the libjpeg in the Windows 95 release. Now it's correct.
PLEASE RELOAD THE UP TO DATE FILE: amaya-Windows95-1.4a.exe

> The downloadable binaries for 1.3a would display them, but when I compiled 1.3a
> it had the same problem, so I'm assuming my compile (still running) will also
> not display JPEGS.

The patch is not available in the source tarfile. We're looking for a solid 

> Any idea how to correct this?  The code appears to be all there...
> On a related note, it also does not appear to display background pictures
> ("background" tag for the body declaration).  Any way to make it?

That depends of the picture format.


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