Re: Automatic switch between browse and edit

On 20 Jan, David Thiede wrote:
> I would have to vote against such a mode sensitive behaviour (if we really 
> have a vote) as changing from one to two clicks for link traversal. Consistant 
> UI operation is very important from a usability point of view.

I understand that such a UI thing is down to personal preference. 
Personally, I use IE quite a lot, and I like single-click browsing.  I
was not suggesting that the change of click-operation should be the only
one we support, or even the default.  I was just pointing out that this
kind of thing would be possible, and would (I believe) work better if
the mode switching was automatic.

> Automatic switching from r/w to view would be nice but hard for a user to 
> manage in the long run I would think.

I'm not sure I agree, but I am willing to differ on you here.  How
about we consider adding such functionality, but on a user configurable

> I would perfer that the Amaya team 
> concentrate on completing implementation of the core functions such as css1/2 
> style sheets (my favorite) and all of html4.0.

Of course.  In my case however, I do not have the time (or the
knowledge) to add such core features.  However, small changes, as these
seem to be, are well within my range.  I am not suggesting that people
such as Irene or others spend time on such things whilst core
functionality is missing, but I may well be able to find the time for
these things.

Ewan Mellor.

Received on Wednesday, 20 January 1999 13:01:25 UTC