Re: amaya compatible with other browser?

> There does seem to be Java support with Amaya, but I have not tried it

  Not exactly, Amaya-Java is not Java applet support for amaya. It's
actually an experimental version embedding the Kaffe Java interpreter
to extend the capabilities of amaya using Java scripting. It also uses
the Jigsaw Java HTTP library for network accesses.

> yet myself.  It is turned off by default and seems to require extra
> downloads.  Unfortunately, I cannot find the amaya-java-src-1.4a.tar.gz on
> either the EU or US FTP sites.  There is a file
> available, but I
> doubt that that will work with the current version of Amaya.
> Perhaps someone other than myself could comment on the Java support in
> Amaya.

  I plan to rebuild a version of Amaya-Java, Kaffe has changed a lot since
the last working version of Amaya-Java and it's difficult to guarantee
a precise timeframe for the availability of the next Amaya-Java. 
  I will attempt to rebuild it in the following weeks though,


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