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Roger S. Miller wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Mar 1999 wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> X11 & Amaya interoperability problem removed <<<<<<<<<
> Several of us report that Amaya isn't working properly under Sun's window
> manager.  Is this a problem in all installations?  or is there someone out
> there who is happily double-clicking and following links while running
> Amaya with olwm?  Do other apps running under olwm fail to recognize
> double clicks?

You start mentioning Sun's window manager. We have several Sun workstations
around the office. They come with more than one windowmanager: The old SunOS
4.x versions default to olwm but also include mwm, the motif window manager
and olvwm, the OpenLookvirtual windowmanager. It is possible that the last 2
windowmanagers are added to the default installation but it is reported that
usage does differ

The newer Solaris machines come also with more than one flavour of
windowmanaging. For compatibility, the openlook windowmanager is included.
Also CDE comes with Solaris, internally known as the dtwm. This CDE is
compatible with Motif. Note that Solaris 2.5.x comes with CDE 1.0.2 which is
motif 1.2 compatible. Solaris 2.6 comes with CDE 1.2 which is motif 2.0
compatible. (the version numbers are memorized by head, please update me if
I'm wrong)

Here you see that Sun comes with more than one windowmanager. I know there
are many inconsistenties (if not incompatibilities) between the

Sorry, but at my desktop, I use CDE 1.0.2 from HP. This is to be compatible
with Solaris CDE 1.0.2. There are no problems with Amaya on this HP-CDE

I don't know which windowmanager is defined for usage with Amaya and/or Thot
but if it is Motif, the use with the openlook windowmanager can arize
problems. If you use CDE (dtwm) than you can switch to real motif mode by
pressing <ctrl><shift><alt><1> (also reported to be <ctrl><alt><!>, I don't
know if this differs on your keyboard) And switch back using the same keys.

> I thought that Sun was a major factor, so I'm a little surprised the Amaya
> developers aren't more concerned about Amaya's reported problem working
> with olwm.
On my HP-UX machine, I see that amaya uses libXm (`chatr amaya`). The
solaris executable also reports to use libXm (`ldd amaya`).This is definitly
the motif library so I should say motif (or compatible) is the windowmanager
to use.

Remark: I have build amaya from source, so using the Xm library can be due
to my own build. Check your executable which library is required. If you use
the prebuild binaries, try if building your own binaries differs.


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