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Subject: 1.4a Unix version doesn't follow links

I've just dowloaded and installed 1.4a on a Sun Sparc Unix platform.  But
I can't get it to follow hypertext links.  Apparently I need to
double-click them, but this fails to work.

FAQ and archives don't seen to mention this.  Anyone know what's wrong?

I just experienced a similar problem with the LINUX-ELF version. It's
not as straightforward as it might seem, though.

Using the fvwm2 or fvwm window managaer (the two I've tried so far)
it does seem to follow links OK.

You have to be careful about how you physically double-click, however:
I found it necessary to hold down the button for about half a second on
the second click. Then it was OK.

Using the KDE desktop environment, on the other hand, double click does
nothing that single click doesn't do, i.e. at most it may move the
cursor. It certainly doesn't fire up any links. It doesn't matter how I
vary the action.

I suspect there is some timing problem in Amaya with respect to X.
Not only is there the above with double-click, but I also find that
the screen tends to "flash" when changing pages; and pixels tend to
go blank when you scroll with the arrow keys (the PgUp/Dn keys seem
to be all right, though), so that text lines may lose the bottom halves
of characters or go blank altogether. Text lines can get superimposed too.

I was tempted into trying Amaya after reading an approving write-up
in yesterday's Times "Inter//face".

Granted, it's compact and fast and has various extras you won't easily
find with Netscape, and its editing capabilities look interesting; but
I don't think it's that good yet as a browser and certainly won't be
displacing Netscape yet for solid work we need to do here.

However, we think it's well worth keeping an eye on.

By the way, I just joined this list, so Hello All, and best wishes.

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