Also Can't Print From Amaya


I am unable to print from Amaya 1.4a. I have been following the questions
and answers on this topic so far, but none of them have helped me.

When I select "Print..." from the "File" menu, I get the first print dialog
box (table of contents, links, etc.) then I get the standard Windows print
dialog box. It makes no difference what options I select in these two boxes.
When I select "OK", nothing happens. There is no activity at the printer and
nothing in the print queue. I don't get any errors or other messages --

The only thing I can notice happening is the creation of a file called


These files are created every time I request a print. This is a bit
annoying, as they never appear to be deleted. If they are temporary files,
would it be possible for Amaya to delete them on exiting?

I am running Windows 95 OSR-2 (version 4.00.950B). Amaya is the only
application which gives me printing trouble.

Other than this, I have been very pleased with Amaya :-)

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Received on Monday, 15 February 1999 16:10:37 UTC