Re: make book from help

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> Hi,
> it might be obvious, however, it seems that
> the menu "special / make book" is not available when the
> documentation has been loaded via the "help"-menu.
> (which seems to be a feature)
> so to make a book from the documentation
> I had first to load the file via the
> open dialogue ...

Help documents are by default displayed in browser mode (ReadOnly), and you
must change the mode if you want to make a book.
If you select the entry "Show Button Bar" you will have access to the button
"Editor/Browser" and could change the mode and make the book.
Perhaps we should open Help documents with the button bar displayed.
What do you think?

> Maybe this could be mentioned in the docs ;-)

There are many interesting features in Amaya that need to be documented.
We will very happy is someone could help us to complete the in line 
Thanks to Charles McCathieNevile who is documenting WAI aspects of Amaya.


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