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> > Amaya 1.4 is a useful tool.
> >
> > I like the structure editor a lot and there are many other features like the
> > math editor which are very innovative.
> >
> > For my normal work I mainly miss a HTML-Source editor. Just a button or menu
> > which opens a text-editor like notepad (Windows) or emacs would be all I
> > need.
> We're thinking about it, but there is no precise plan to do it yet.

For functionallity available with general tools which is usefull for amaya,
I'd like to see some 'hooks' to have amaya start my favorite tool:

For editing source, amaya should switch to readonly mode and start the
ascii-editor which is configured in the thodrc file: "ascii_editor=nedit
%d/%f". Once this editor is closed, amaya should re-read the file. As far as
I can see, netscape has a similar approach.

For handling url's which amaya cannot handle, like "mailto:" amaya should be
capable on invoking other applications, configurable in the thodrc file:
"mailto_app=dtmail %u".

Details on invocation of those applications, they accept the next options:
"%f"	Filename (without directory: index.html in an url)
"%d"	Directory (the /Amaya in an url
"%%"	% character
"%h"	Hostname or domainname (the in an url)
"%p"	Protocol (the http in an url)
"%u"	entire url (
And others I don't think of at this moment.



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