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A neat idea for demonstration Thad Guidry (Monday, 27 January)

Proposal: add a sale (and discount) property to Offer Kévin Dunglas (Sunday, 26 January)

Machine-readable cardinalities Kévin Dunglas (Saturday, 25 January)

Proposal: support for taxes in PriceSpecification Kévin Dunglas (Sunday, 26 January)

Proposal: quantities and shipment details for Order Kévin Dunglas (Sunday, 26 January) headline and name properties? Dan Scott (Sunday, 26 January)

URIs / Ontology for Physical Units and Quantities Wes Turner (Sunday, 26 January)

tracking issues about Actions? ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ (Sunday, 26 January)

Schema Labs? ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ (Friday, 24 January)

Re: An updated draft of the proposal Sam Goto (Friday, 24 January)

Finalizing Reservation schemas for Dan Brickley (Thursday, 23 January)

Candidate 1.0f release: bugfixes, Offer generalized for non-profit use. Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 22 January)

CFP: Special Issue of the International Journal On Semantic Web and Information Systems on the Ubiquitous Semantic Web Yuan-Fang Li (Wednesday, 22 January)

Draft schema for QA sites Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 22 January)

Re: Socialnetworks of a person or organization Matthias Tylkowski (Wednesday, 22 January)

ESWC 2014 Second Call for Demos (Tuesday, 21 January)

ESWC 2014 Second Call for Posters (Tuesday, 21 January)

Fwd: [rules] Publication of the RDA Element Vocabularies Diane Hillmann (Tuesday, 21 January)

Am I right that WebPage lacks a generic property for linking to WebPageElement? Martin Hepp (Sunday, 19 January)

Proposal: Periodicals, Articles and Multi-volume Works Wallis,Richard (Thursday, 16 January)

CFP: Sentic Computing @ Springer CogComp Erik Cambria (Wednesday, 15 January)

Representing a radio broadcasting format and frequency François Scharffe (Wednesday, 15 January)

Re: Marking up quotes that relate to known Freebase topics/people Quotations Book (Wednesday, 15 January)

Naming the Organizer of an Event Christian Grobmeier (Friday, 10 January)

Final CFP: The 4th Making Sense of Microposts Workshop (#Microposts2014) at WWW 2014 - Deadline: 15/1/2014 Rowe, Matthew (Friday, 10 January)

Re: docs: minor issues for next update Dan Scott (Wednesday, 8 January)

ESWC 2014 Final Call for PhD Symposium (Tuesday, 7 January)

ESWC 2014 Final Call for Papers (Tuesday, 7 January) as it could be Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Monday, 6 January)

Whither the JSON-LD context? Gregg Kellogg (Monday, 6 January)

structured-data linter update Gregg Kellogg (Monday, 6 January)

makesOffer should accept Service Tyler Shuster (Wednesday, 1 January)

E-commerce Product Description Dataset Olivier Austina (Wednesday, 1 January)

VisualArtwork Schema proposal reprise Paul Watson (Wednesday, 1 January)

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