Re: Draft schema for QA sites

> 3. Thad Guidry
> Requests that we make clear that an answer is just an opinion, not
> necessarily the truth.
> Hopefully the suggestedAnswer text above addresses this. We might add
> some obviously false answer example too.
> TODO: solicit example markup for Question and/or Answer. Any suggestions?
Yeap, that works...
but I would prefer a nudge to include "opinion" in the text...i.e. An
answer or opinion (possibly one of several, possibly incorrect) to a

My reason is that folks sometimes don't "answer" directly...merely make an
opinion or belief statement towards the question...and sometimes those are
marked as being a "very good answer" towards a question.

Q: Can humans multi-task ?
A: It is my belief that humans can learn to multi-task with adaptive
training, but some studies have shown that cognitive load demands too much
from memory usage on the human brain for anything more than extremely
simple tasks.

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