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[Issue-5] [Action-77] Defining Tunnel-Vision 'Do Not (Cross-Site) Track'

Action-40: Draft user defn language

ACTION-43: added user-agent-managed site-specific exception proposal to Editor's Draft

ACTION-44: Also write additional examples around branding for first parties by next week

ACTION-49: Propose what the operational carve-outs for (e.g. debugging by 3rd party) are

ACTION-52: Propose specific text for ISSUE-35, ISSUE-52, ISSUE-53, ISSUE-57, ISSUE-58

ACTION-75: Write-up a hybrid of Do Not Profile and Do Not Cross-Site Track

ACTION-84: Wiley to describe the reason for setting DNT=null

action-97, application to other protocols, proposed text

ACTION-98: Bring input on ISSUE-111 to the group; otherwise it's closed

afternoon calls

Agenda for 2012-02-01 call

Agenda for 2012-02-01 call (V02: added more incoming issues with text)

Agenda for 2012-1-10 call

Agenda for 2012-1-17 call

Agenda for 2012-1-3 call

Article: Consumers ditch websites with poor privacy policies (PCPro UK)

AW: Request for thoughts: US, EU, and international DNT

Changed Conference Bridge for Jan 04 DNT Call

Concerns raised today for header design

cross-site tracking (was diff of TPE editing since the FPWD)

cross-site tracking and what it means

cross-site tracking and what it means - alternative formulations

Defaults by User Agents and Intermediaries (ISSUE-4, ISSUE-95)

Defining Collection/Retention/Use/Sharing (ACTION-64, ISSUE-16)

definition of (cross-site) tracking

diff of TPE editing since the FPWD

Dinner at Brussels on Jan 24 (Tuesday) [REGISTRATION REQUIRED]

DNT-aware JavaScript (ISSUE-84, ACTION-85)

Draft Text on First Parties and Third Parties (ACTION-34, ISSUE-10, ISSUE-26, ISSUE-88)

Example of chairs decision as made in the HTML WG

Exemptions and Exceptions...?

Exemptions and Exceptions.?

Exemptions and Exceptions…?

f2f agenda

Fate-sharing for ad behavioral targeting and other forms of personalization (ISSUE-36)

Fwd: meaning of DNT 1 and DNT 0 when sent by user agents [ISSUE-78]

Fwd: Zakim teleconference bridge is up

ISSUE-116: How can we build a JS DOM property which doesn't allow inline JS to receive mixed signals?

Issue-14: (Re: technical, business, legal definitions)

Issue-14: How do what we talk about with 1st/3rd party,relate to European law about data controller vs data processor?

ISSUE-33, ACTION-59: exemptions exposed to users

ISSUE-43, ACTION-60: let the user know their options when arriving with Do Not Track

Issue-5: Do Not Collect Identifiable Data

Issue-65: How does logged in and logged out state work -- Draft Proposal

ISSUE-95: May an institution or network provider set a tracking preference for a user?

Issue-95: User Setting DNT Response (Draft)

issues 23 and 34, happy new year's initial text for all...

Mandatory Legal Process (ACTION-57, ISSUE-28)

meaning of DNT 1 and DNT 0 when sent by user agents [ISSUE-78]

meeting locations & hotels

meta referer in HTML

Missing the fun

Non-HTTP Protocols (ISSUE-108, ACTION-96)

Opt-back-in Information API (ACTION-94)

Party Membership Assertion (ACTION-105)

Please read Community Group comments

Please register for the Brussels meeting

Proposed Text for Issue 71

Public Commitment Requirement (ISSUE-45, ACTION-62)

Re ISSUE-26: When a 3rd party becomes a 1st party

Relevance of Current Law (ISSUE-98)

Request for thoughts: US, EU, and international DNT

response headers and caching etc.

RESTful DNT API approach to TPE

Revised Response Header

SHOULD or MUST for responses to DNT;1?

Slides - Remember to forget me

technical, business, legal definitions

test, ignore

The automated discovery discussion, slides as presented

Third-Party Definition

Tomorrow's call will use Zakim as usual

tracking-ISSUE-105: Response header without request header? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-109: siteSpecificTrackingExceptions property has fingerprinting risks: is it necessary? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-110: Is top-level-origin for outgoing requests workable for site-specific tracking exceptions? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-111: Different DNT values to signify existence of associated exceptions [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-112: How are sub-domains handled for site-specific exceptions? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-113: Should there be a JavaScript API to prompt for a Web-wide exception? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-114: Guidance or mitigation of fingerprinting risk for user-agent-managed site-specific tracking exceptions [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-115: Should sites be able to manage site-specific tracking exceptions outside of the user-agent-managed system? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-117: Terms: tracking v. cross-site tracking [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-118: Should requesting a user-agent-managed site-specific exception be asynchronous? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-119: Specify "absolutely not tracking" [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-120: Should the response header be mandatory (MUST) or recommended (SHOULD) [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-121: Should a user agent advertise its DNT ability by, e.g., sending DNT;NULL [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

Unique sites

Updated Agenda for Brussels F2F

Updated Agenda for Thursday's Meeting

What are the stable discussion documents for next week, please????

Why we need a sound Do-Not–Track standard for privacy online

Work on Tracking Selection Lists

Zakim teleconference bridge is up

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