Re: diff of TPE editing since the FPWD

Hi Roy, 

the technical specification consistently uses "cross-site tracking" for every 
mention of tracking. Despite some quick search, I haven't found a decision to 
only talk about "cross-site tracking". Can you indicate where this was 

If it wasn't already decided, I unfortunately must raise an issue. Because 
saying "cross-site tracking" consistently in the technical preference 
expression specification would change the scope of the DNT-header and reduce it 
to mere cross-site data collection. While I say you expressing that 
preference, I also saw opposition against that wording. Additionally, saying 
"cross-site tracking" does not correspond to the first party requirements 
indicated in the Tracking Compliance Specification and also trespasses into the 
scope of the tracking compliance specification. 



On Tuesday 10 January 2012 18:12:51 Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> It may be easier to follow the discussion tomorrow (and next week)
> if everyone can see what has been changed in the TPE spec.  Enclosed is
> an html diff file that highlights the changes since the last
> published working draft.
> ....Roy

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