Re: cross-site tracking and what it means


On Thursday 19 January 2012 10:34:42 David Wainberg wrote:
> I think I agree that it comes down to guidelines for siloing, 
> though I worry about being too prescriptive. The IP address for user 
> tracking is an important issue, but is only relevant to DNT generically, 
> as it fits into the notion of tracking. It is not a problem we can 
> address specifically with DNT.

having seen politicians doing privacy regulations, I share some of your 
worries. That's why it is best that we can come up with something that works. 
This means we need the analysis of "what we can live with". And this applies 
to both, the less data you may be able to deliver to the marketeers and the 
data collection you will have to defend against the privacy advocates. 

But without a good argumentation why something is important to collect and why 
something is dangerous to collect, we won't get very far. Neither in the 
political debate nor in the technical debate. 

I agree that change is hard and wouldn't come without crisis. We have to 
clearly articulate what that crisis is. Otherwise nobody will be convinced in 
any camp and we'll have the joy of entrenched position fighting.


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