Re: diff of TPE editing since the FPWD

* David Wainberg wrote:
>In either case, we need to define (cross-site) "tracking", right? Let's 
>just define the data collection and use we're concerned with, and skip 
>defining the parties. As I've argued before, we are doing this 
>backwards. We've been trying to back into a definition of tracking by 
>defining parties and use exceptions. But if we just define the 
>collection and use that constitutes tracking, first the need refinements 
>via exceptions, etc. will become quite clear, and second, most 
>everything else will fall into place.

The Working Group is expected to produce something that allows people to
say something is contrary to the specifications produced by the group.
Ed Felten's question was whether there is anything that would be contra-
ry to the group's specifications under a party-based definition but not
under a "cross-site" based definition, or vice versa.

If you consider this from the perspective of someone making an argument
that something was contrary to the specifications produced by this group
and if there is no difference in substance, then this is just exchanging
the term "3rd party" for "cross-site". We could, in this sense, write up
the definition for "cross-site" and then say "3rd party iff cross-site",
so the terms would be synonymous.

If there is a difference in substance, then it is not clear what would
be different, what a party-based definition would allow or prohibit that
a site-based definition would treat differently.
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