RE: Opt-back-in Information API (ACTION-94)

Correction - "'d rather send the user to the "learn more" page the link resolves to."

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Doesn't this promote a UI treatment to some degree?  I believe our language was built to avoid the UI treatment and instead provide the raw elements to allow multiple UI treatments to occur (text + link).  I believe your proposal is asking instead of provide a top-line message to users with a link to more, you'd rather simply send the user to the "learn more" link.  I'd rather the two stage approach (even with suggested language to make sure we're not attempt to hide anything from users) but believe forcing them to the full page will be considered a negative outcome by many users (more "pop-up" windows with even greater text).

- Shane

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Subject: Opt-back-in Information API (ACTION-94)


boolean requestSiteSpecificTrackingException(String domain, [optional] String notificationText, [optional] moreURL)

The browser prompts the user with text and a link to learn more about the opt-back-in request.

Alternative proposal:

boolean requestSiteSpecificTrackingException(String domain, [optional] String notificationURL)

The browser renders a page (e.g. in a floating div) that gives the user more information about the opt-back-in request.

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