Re: Exemptions and Exceptions…?


I learned the distinction like this: 

general rule vs exception

a general obligation to do vs exemption

so: no obligation, no exemption
but: a rule can create an obligation and the exemption would be an exception 
to that rule. 

The first pair is more generic to me than the second pair..

But I'm not a native speaker... 



On Monday 30 January 2012 15:19:06 David Singer wrote:
> This was raised briefly in conversation in Brussels.
> Our documents and discussions use both words (Exemptions and Exceptions).  I
> think Aleecia has a clear idea of their difference, but I know we don't all
> share that clarity because I, at least, do not :-).
> In my understanding, 'exemption' says that the requirements of our
> specification do not apply to some class of services .  An exception would
> be when the specification applies, but some class of services are excepted
> from some of the requirements.
> Example from taxation:  some goods in the UK are exempt from Value Added
> Tax; the tax is inapplicable.  Some goods are zero-rated for Value Added
> Tax: they are subject to it in theory, but have an exception and are
> currently untaxed.
> I'm not sure we have many 'exempt' classes (services that, receiving a DNT
> signal, can ignore it, as it doesn't apply to them).  I think we mostly
> have exceptions.
> Aleecia, others, could you help clear my mind (and maybe others') on this?
> Thanks!
> David Singer
> Multimedia and Software Standards, Apple Inc.

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