Re: Article: Consumers ditch websites with poor privacy policies (PCPro UK)

Le 19 janv. 2012 à 20:40, Jeffrey Chester a écrit :
> I suggest people read the key academic article that shows that privacy policies are ineffective for consumers. 

An excellent tool for raising awareness on Privacy Policies is 

There are two steps over privacy policies 
1. the first initial read (rarely happens)
2. the change in the policy (with notification)

The users are more likely to notice an unpleasant change, or even to discover the reality of the policy when a change is made to it. Worse, obscure or unclear policy changes but found out by people on the network and disclosed in social networks. Usually it leads to people being angry, betrayed and likely to ditch the service.

Most of the time privacy policies do not help people to understand how their data are really handled and used.

Karl Dubost -
Developer Relations, Opera Software

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