Exemptions and Exceptions…?

This was raised briefly in conversation in Brussels.

Our documents and discussions use both words (Exemptions and Exceptions).  I think Aleecia has a clear idea of their difference, but I know we don't all share that clarity because I, at least, do not :-).

In my understanding, 'exemption' says that the requirements of our specification do not apply to some class of services .  An exception would be when the specification applies, but some class of services are excepted from some of the requirements.

Example from taxation:  some goods in the UK are exempt from Value Added Tax; the tax is inapplicable.  Some goods are zero-rated for Value Added Tax: they are subject to it in theory, but have an exception and are currently untaxed.

I'm not sure we have many 'exempt' classes (services that, receiving a DNT signal, can ignore it, as it doesn't apply to them).  I think we mostly have exceptions.

Aleecia, others, could you help clear my mind (and maybe others') on this?


David Singer
Multimedia and Software Standards, Apple Inc.

Received on Monday, 30 January 2012 15:19:49 UTC