Re: issues 23 and 34, happy new year's initial text for all...

On Monday 09 January 2012 22:47:21 Haakon Bratsberg wrote:
> That said, I'm a bit skeptical about trying to align this work too much with
> both US, Canadian and EU privacy laws. DNT must make sense in relating to
> applicable laws = the DNT signal and compliance to it must in a meaningful
> way address the raised privacy concerns while being based on how the web
> actual works. 


it isn't harmful if our work is aligned to regulation. But here it is just 
easy and without "alignment". I was merely pointing out a lucky coincidence 
that will make life easier for companies who have to implement this anyway for 
any outsourcing. And I think it plays well everywhere. So I just want to keep 
David's wording as is and declare Issue 23 and 34 resolved with the 
integration of that text.



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