Re: diff of TPE editing since the FPWD

On Jan 11, 2012, at 5:57 AM, Rigo Wenning wrote:

> Hi Roy, 
> the technical specification consistently uses "cross-site tracking" for every 
> mention of tracking. Despite some quick search, I haven't found a decision to 
> only talk about "cross-site tracking". Can you indicate where this was 
> decided?
> If it wasn't already decided, I unfortunately must raise an issue. Because 
> saying "cross-site tracking" consistently in the technical preference 
> expression specification would change the scope of the DNT-header and reduce it 
> to mere cross-site data collection. While I say you expressing that 
> preference, I also saw opposition against that wording. Additionally, saying 
> "cross-site tracking" does not correspond to the first party requirements 
> indicated in the Tracking Compliance Specification and also trespasses into the 
> scope of the tracking compliance specification. 

Thanks Rigo,

Please feel free to raise this as an issue -- I have no intention of changing
that without consensus since I won't be participating in this WG if it is
changed.  It was, after all, the basis of all input documents and regulatory
concerns, where tracking was defined as cross-site tracking.



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