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Re: [css-grid][css-flexbox] a11y, tools, and reordering fantasai (Monday, 31 August)

[css-flexbox] Flex Container Baselines fantasai (Monday, 31 August)

Re: [css-flexbox] LCWD: Notifier call for review fantasai (Monday, 31 August)

[css-grid] repeat(auto-fit, <tracks>) fantasai (Monday, 31 August)

[css-font-loading] 'family' should be 'fontFamily', to prevent API fragmentation Mike Kamermans (Monday, 31 August)

Re: [css-display] Refactoring 'display', got a crazy idea Simon Pieters (Monday, 31 August)

Re: [mediaqueries] Trying to understand the syntax design Simon Pieters (Monday, 31 August)

Fwd: Barrier of entry to participation Dan Dascalescu (Monday, 31 August)

When finding inconsistencies between browsers in resp with the CSS spec, can we report them here? Behrang Saeedzadeh (Monday, 31 August)

[css-ui] resize on replaced elements fantasai (Sunday, 30 August)

[css21] root being out-of-flow fantasai (Sunday, 30 August)

Difference between vertical-align property values top and text-top Arup Rakshit (Sunday, 30 August)

Re: [css-font-loading] Document the "font" and "text" parameters for check() Dan Dascalescu (Saturday, 29 August)

[css-writing-modes][css-inline] synthesizing baseline tables for replaced elements Stephen Zilles (Thursday, 27 August)

[selectors] Validity of pseudo-elements per context fantasai (Thursday, 27 August)

[css-grid] "Implied Minimum Size of Grid Items" for min-width:auto when 'overflow' is not 'visible' Mats Palmgren (Wednesday, 26 August)

Re: [css-break] Name of 'any' value confusing fantasai (Wednesday, 26 August)

Comments on Section 1 of the CSS Inline Spec Stephen Zilles (Wednesday, 26 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes-3] (sizing phase) 'auto' height of child block in orthogonal flow fantasai (Wednesday, 26 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes-3] Defer auto-muticol behavior in Auto-sizing Block Containers in Orthogonal Flows fantasai (Wednesday, 26 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] 'writing-mode' and deprecated SVG values fantasai (Wednesday, 26 August)

Finding elements that are hidden due to overflow: hidden Behrang Saeedzadeh (Wednesday, 26 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] Margin Collapsing Orthogonal Flows fantasai (Wednesday, 26 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] § 9.1.1 tcy element in example 20; extra >; non-interrupted sequence of characters fantasai (Wednesday, 26 August)

[css-flexbox] Bo J Campbell (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] sideways-left with other text-orientation descendant fantasai (Tuesday, 25 August)

[css-text] white-space: pre-wrap Koji Ishii (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css-transitions-2][css-animations-2] Proposal for animation-timing keywords for half-parabola curves - facilitating correct rise/fall/bounce type animations L. David Baron (Tuesday, 25 August)

[css-transforms] Re: Some matrix-based rotation interpolations are "wrong" L. David Baron (Tuesday, 25 August)

[css-ruby] Add "text-orientation: upright" for bopomofo annotation Xidorn Quan (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css3-transitions] Transition events on shorthands L. David Baron (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css3-transitions][css3-animations] Cascading of animations/transitions and starting of transitions L. David Baron (Tuesday, 25 August)

[css-writing-modes] caption-side logical values should only be in css-logical-props? Koji Ishii (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes-3] Why baseline-align-super.gif in section 5 fantasai (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] run-in boxes fantasai (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] on using the advance height of U+6C34 fantasai (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] RTL scripts in vertical text fantasai (Tuesday, 25 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] the caption-side keywords fantasai (Monday, 24 August)

[css-flexbox] Intrinsic Cross Size Definition Totally Wrong fantasai (Monday, 24 August)

[css-counter-styles] armenian typo Yifán Wáng (Sunday, 23 August)

position:sticky-x or position:fixed-x Ed (Monday, 24 August)

[css-ruby] bopomofo example Richard Ishida (Monday, 24 August)

[css-ruby] CSS ruby tests Richard Ishida (Monday, 24 August)

[css-ui-4] Feedback before f2f Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 24 August)

[selectors4] :blank, ::first-letter, and what a whitespace character is L. David Baron (Monday, 24 August)

Re: [css-flexbox] Understanding flexbox-flex-direction-column.htm fantasai (Sunday, 23 August)

Re: [css-align][css-flexbox] Differences between start, self-start and flex-start values. fantasai (Sunday, 23 August)

[css-mediaquery] zoom media feature for media query Satoru Takagi (Friday, 21 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes][CSS21] propagation of 'direction' from <body> Koji Ishii (Friday, 21 August)

[css-writing-modes] proposed writing-mode: sideways-left and text-orientation: sideways John Daggett (Friday, 21 August)

Re: [css-inline] Wrapping around initial letters fantasai (Friday, 21 August)

Re: [css-sizing][css-flexbox] intrinsic min/max-width/height values and percentage children Daniel Holbert (Thursday, 20 August)

[css-writing-modes] proposed 'writing-mode:sideways-*' values: effect on computed value of 'display' Jonathan Kew (Thursday, 20 August)

Re: [css-transforms] Why doesn't perspective-origin just use <position>? Simon Fraser (Thursday, 20 August)

Re: [CSS21] enhancement: comment format for surviving file being minified Nick Levinson (Tuesday, 18 August)

Re: [selectors][css-namespaces][css-scoping] Clash between Namespaces and Scoping regarding implied universal selector fantasai (Thursday, 20 August)

[css-overflow][css-break][css-page][houdini] The road to pagination Dave Cramer (Thursday, 20 August)

[selectors-4] :blank pseudo-class fantasai (Wednesday, 19 August)

What is "non-replaced inline element" Arup (Wednesday, 19 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] 5 small issues Koji Ishii (Wednesday, 19 August)

[css-page-floats] Mostly editorial comments liam (Tuesday, 18 August)

Fwd: Difference between background-position and background-origin. Arup Rakshit (Tuesday, 18 August)

[css-writing-modes] test results available Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 18 August)

Re: [selectors] feedback fantasai (Tuesday, 18 August)

[css-ruby] Ruby text and browser minimal font size Xidorn Quan (Monday, 17 August)

Re: [css-ui] CR: CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 (CSS3 UI) Florian Rivoal (Sunday, 16 August)

[will-change] Editorial: will-change: all example is invalid Simon Fraser (Sunday, 16 August)

[will-change] Should will-change on non-animatable properties create stacking context? Simon Fraser (Sunday, 16 August)

[will-change] Should will-change trigger stacking context when the property does not apply to an element? Simon Fraser (Sunday, 16 August)

[will-change] Should will-change:position create stacking context? Simon Fraser (Saturday, 15 August)

Difference between background-position and background-origin. Arup Rakshit (Friday, 14 August)

Re: [css-backgrounds] border-image with an SVG resource that has no intrinsic size Said Abou-Hallawa (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: [css-transitions] Animation of paint servers L. David Baron (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: [css-transitions] starting of transitions. L. David Baron (Wednesday, 12 August)

[css-backgrounds] 'box-shadow' should define its 'none' value L. David Baron (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: [css3-transitions] Transitions and multiple backgrounds L. David Baron (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: [CSS4 color][CSS4 transition] color pre-multiplied vs non pre-multiplied L. David Baron (Wednesday, 12 August)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecom 2015-08-12 Dael Jackson (Wednesday, 12 August)

[css-animations] Should changing animation-delay cause an animation to run? Simon Fraser (Wednesday, 12 August)

[css-grid] repeat(auto) column clamping Zephyr Pellerin (Tuesday, 11 August)

Re: Proposal: add a "small-caps" value to "font-synthesis" Myles C. Maxfield (Wednesday, 12 August)

[css3-fonts] TrueType support for font-feature-settings Myles C. Maxfield (Wednesday, 12 August)

[css3-fonts] "inherit" value of font-feature-settings Myles C. Maxfield (Wednesday, 12 August)

[css3-fonts] Interaction between font-feature-settings and other properties Myles C. Maxfield (Wednesday, 12 August)

[css-ui] proposal for text-overflow: fade Jonathan Watt (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: [css-animations] Specifying how keyframes interact Dean Jackson (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: [animations] appendRule() and deleteRule() impact on currently running animations Dean Jackson (Wednesday, 12 August)

[csswg] Agenda conf call 12-aug-2015 Linss, Peter (Tuesday, 11 August)

Re: [selectors-4] selector matching being specified from left to right fantasai (Tuesday, 11 August)

[css-writing-modes-3] 7.7 Table Caption Mappings: caption-side Gérard Talbot (Tuesday, 11 August)

[CSSWG][css-grid] Updated WD of CSS Grid Layout L1 fantasai (Monday, 10 August)

Re: [css-grid] Containing block for abs.pos. grid items when the grid overflows fantasai (Sunday, 9 August)

Re: [css-grid] row-gap/column-gap issues fantasai (Sunday, 9 August)

Re: [css-scoping] Shadow Cascading 河内 隆仁 (Friday, 7 August)

RE: [css-flexbox] max-content contribution not defined for flex items Greg Whitworth (Friday, 7 August)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2015-08-05 Dael Jackson (Thursday, 6 August)

[css-writing-modes] Behavior of <iframe> in vertical writing mode Jonathan Kew (Thursday, 6 August)

[css-transforms] - Add generic transformation news.gmane.org (Thursday, 6 August)

[css-font-loading] Timing clarification of ready attribute/promise Dominik Röttsches (Monday, 3 August)

Re: [css-writing-modes] Propose writing-mode: sideways-left Bert Bos (Wednesday, 5 August)

[css-sizing] Unprefixing min-content, max-content, etc Christian Biesinger (Wednesday, 5 August)

Re: [css 2.2] [tables] Baseline on empty table cells Gérard Talbot (Wednesday, 5 August)

[css-ui-4] caret-animation Florian Rivoal (Tuesday, 4 August)

[css-flexbox] percentage flex basis and quirks mode... Christian Biesinger (Tuesday, 4 August)

Re: [CSS22] [CSS21] <'border-width'> non-existent value type mentioned in section 1.4.2 of CSS 2.1 specification Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 4 August)

[csswg] Agenda conf call 05-aug-2015 Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 4 August)

[css-sizing] [css-flexbox] does min-height: min-content include the scrollbar height? Christian Biesinger (Tuesday, 4 August)

Border Curvature Proposal Jacob Parker (Thursday, 30 July)

[css-text-4] Sydney resolution edits Alan Stearns (Tuesday, 4 August)

Re: [css-color-4] Unable to access editor's draft Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 3 August)

Re: [css-containment] What does "contain:layout" do on table parts? Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 3 August)

[css-ui] cursor property's behavior when elements overlap is ambiguous Chris Rebert (Monday, 3 August)

RE: [css 2.2] [tables] Baseline on empty table cells Greg Whitworth (Monday, 3 August)

Re: [css-pseudo] Proposal: Add ‘filter’ property to styling highlights Simon Fraser (Monday, 3 August)

Re: [css-snappoints] Alternate Scroll Snapping Model Robert O'Callahan (Monday, 3 August)

[css-backgrounds] background-position as a shorthand for x and y Greg Whitworth (Sunday, 2 August)

Re: [css-fonts] "system" generic font name Arthur Stolyar (Sunday, 2 August)

Re: [css-snappoints] Always snapping to a mandatory point Robert O'Callahan (Saturday, 1 August)

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