Re: [css-writing-modes] Behavior of <iframe> in vertical writing mode

On 08/06/2015 05:45 AM, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> I'm wondering how <iframe>s should be handled when writing-mode is vertical.
> First, what should the default size be, in the absence of any other
> constraints? In horizontal mode, we have 300px (w) by 150px (h),
> from the rules in CSS 2.1 [1,2]. Should it remain the same in vertical mode,
> or should width and height be exchanged? The description of Abstract Box
> Layout in [3] would seem to imply the latter. (Gecko currently does this,
> but it seems Blink does not.)

This is a good question. Because the default size is mainly for plugins
and the like, I'm leaning towards keeping it at 300px width vs. 150px height.

However, that size exists for compat reasons and is pretty arbitrary.
If you have *any* reason for one behavior over the other, we should
follow that reasoning.

> And second, should the writing mode of the <iframe> element be applied to
> its contents? I'd have assumed "no" (and AFAICT no browser currently does
> this), but [4] says
> # The content of replaced elements do not rotate due to the writing mode:
> # images, for example, remain upright. However replaced content involving text
> # (such as MathML content or form elements) should match the replaced element’s
> # writing mode and line orientation if the UA supports such a vertical writing
> # mode for the replaced content.
> which could easily be read as being applicable to <iframe> content,
> unless that content explicitly resets writing-mode to its
> initial value. Clarification?

Yeah, that needs a clarification. I think it only should apply to
inlined replaced content like the examples mentioned, not to content
pulled in from another document.


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