[css-flexbox] percentage flex basis and quirks mode...

Hi there!

So I encountered the following test case today:

<div style="display: flex; flex-direction:column; border:1px solid purple;">
<div style="flex:1; min-height:0;">Flexible content<br>

We have a flex basis of 0% for the two items. Since this is quirks
mode, the percentage resolves even though the flexbox does not have a
definite size. The only thing that makes this work for common cases is
min-height: auto.

Do you think it's a problem that this doesn't really work in quirks
mode? Maybe because min-height: auto will save the day?

(separately, it looks like Firefox does not correctly implement the
percentage flex basis in quirks mode, because it does not make the
flex item zero size. I know that neither do we right now but I'm
working on that for a different reason)


Received on Tuesday, 4 August 2015 22:23:26 UTC