Re: [selectors] feedback

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 9:40 AM, fantasai <> wrote:
> Perhaps you're misunderstanding what I meant. DOM provides the entire
> DOM tree for pattern-matching--of course. But for its .query methods
> the DOM spec compiles the list of elements that are potential output
> and filters them by whether or not they match. Selectors only defines
> what it means for an element to match.
> This way Selectors doesn't need to decide what elements are valid
> output, or define how to traverse the DOM tree to find said potential
> output elements, or define out the output of .querySelector is sorted
> or otherwise represented. These are particulars of the .query methods,
> not particulars of how selectors work, so they belong in DOM, not in
> Selectors.

No.  This is *not* okay.  I explained this in an email a few days ago
Writing Selectors solely as a matching predicate is *immensely
inconvenient* for specs trying to actually *use* selectors.

We argued about this last night and it sounded like you agreed with
me.  It's somewhat annoying that an hour later you wrote an email
disagreeing with the conclusion. >_<


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