Re: [css-font-loading] Timing clarification of ready attribute/promise

Hi Tab, John,

thanks for your help.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 2:33 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. <> wrote:
> If this isn't happening, it's definitely a bug, either in the impl or
> the spec (or both).  Do you think the current spec line isn't
> sufficiently clear?  If so, I can try to tighten the language.

The pointer to "pending on the environment" helped clarify, but I
think there could indeed be an improvement to the wording.

Yes, purely from the font loading perspective, there is a potentially
recursive matching process until all correct fonts are loaded from the
font-family group of fonts. I think the problem with Chrome/Blink's
implementation here is that after the "last" network event, notifiying
about the arrival of the last needed font, there might be a small
delay between that and actually applying the font to do the "final"
layout, in which all characters are now available.

Thanks to your clarifications, I am certain now that there is a bug in
Chrome, but the implied expectation could perhaps be sharpened in the
spec by modifying the "pending on the environment" definition?

Perhaps similar to:

* the document has pending layout operations which might cause the
user agent to request a font."


* the document has pending layout operations for updating the
rendering with a loaded font or which might cause the user agent to
request an additional font



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