[css-ruby] CSS ruby tests

over the weekend i developed a set of basic, user-oriented tests for css 
ruby properties and behaviours, and produced results for major browsers.

you can find the results and links to tests at

what follows is a high-level summary of results for tests on Firefox, 
Chrome, Opera, Safari and Edge:

all browsers put the annotations 'over' the base by default. No browser 
allows you to move the annotation to the other side. No browser supports 
bopomofo annotations.

there is some support for ruby-align values in Firefox, but they only 
work on the annotations, not the base.  By default the browsers align as 

there is no support for ruby-merge:collapse

no browser hides an annotation if it is identical to the base text it 
annotates (eg. for 'furigana').

the proprietary values supposedly supported by IE (not tested) do not 
produce any effect on Edge.


Received on Monday, 24 August 2015 10:38:31 UTC