Re: [css3-fonts] Interaction between font-feature-settings and other properties

Myles Maxfield wrote:

> The CSS3 fonts spec does not seem to directly address the interaction
> between font-feature-settings and other CSS properties such as
> "font-variant-*" and "text-rendering". Given that these other
> properties can be implemented in terms of font-feature-settings,
> setting these other properties should change the computed style of
> font-feature-settings.

See section 7 of the Fonts spec, entitled "Font Feature Resolution".

This section specifies exactly how different property values affect the
final resolved feature settings passed through to the shaping engine.
They do not, and should not, affect the computed value of

The 'text-rendering' property was never formally defined to explicitly
enable font features, that was merely a behavior given it by user
agents, specifically Firefox and then Webkit. I don't think this
behavior is needed or desirable.


John Daggett


Received on Wednesday, 12 August 2015 04:01:51 UTC