Re: [css-backgrounds] background-position-x/y and logical positioning

15.08.2015, 19:34, "fantasai" <>:
> On 08/14/2015 05:12 PM, Marat Tanalin wrote:
>> šIt would probably make sense first JUST to standardize what all browsers
>> šexcept for Firefox ALREADY support, and then add brand new features like
>> š`x-start` (which NO browser supports yet).
>> šThe only reason why `background-position-x/-y` (in their state already
>> šimplemented in other browsers) is not implemented in Firefox/Gecko [1]
>> šis JUST because the feature was nonstandard. And it unlikely makes sense
>> što postpone mostly supported functionality for years due to that absolutely
>> šunsupported new features are not yet ready to become standard.
> The reason we've held off on standardizing this feature is because we didn't
> have a way to make it compatible with logical keywords, which we knew we
> wanted to have. So that is why we need to solve these together: we need a
> solution that can solve both problems.

You would probably unlikely want to spec an absolutely new `background-position-x/-y` variant incompatible with existing implementations, so, for now, you could probably just to safely _document_ the already interoperable behavior of existing implementations without need for inventing anything new, and then add new subfeatures in line with existing documented behavior you're probably not going to break anyway. In other words, nothing prevents you from documenting existing implemented behavior that you can't really change. ;-)

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