Re: [css-ruby] CSS ruby tests

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 8:38 PM, Richard Ishida <> wrote:
> over the weekend i developed a set of basic, user-oriented tests for css
> ruby properties and behaviours, and produced results for major browsers.
> you can find the results and links to tests at

Thanks for the great work.

> what follows is a high-level summary of results for tests on Firefox,
> Chrome, Opera, Safari and Edge:
> all browsers put the annotations 'over' the base by default. No browser
> allows you to move the annotation to the other side. No browser supports
> bopomofo annotations.

These tests do not match the spec. In the CSS Ruby spec,
`ruby-position` can only be applied to <rtc>, not <rt>. If you follow
that spec, and set the property for <ruby>, then Firefox should work
properly, otherwise, that would be an bug of Gecko.

> there is some support for ruby-align values in Firefox, but they only work
> on the annotations, not the base.  By default the browsers align as
> 'space-around'.

These tests do not match the spec, either. The property `ruby-align`
only affects the box it is applied. To make ruby base work, you need
to apply that property to <rb>, not <rt>. Alternatively, like
`ruby-position`, set the property on <ruby> and just let the
descendents inherit it, you should get the expected result, otherwise,
that would be an bug of Gecko.

> no browser hides an annotation if it is identical to the base text it
> annotates (eg. for 'furigana').

Hmm... This seems to be a real bug for us. Thanks for pointing that out.

- Xidorn

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